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Proud Dad & Businessman

As a proud father, I understand the desire of wanting the best quality of life for your family. I have struggled and worked extremely hard to achieve the American Dream and provide the best life I can for my family.

I am an entrepreneur, owning logistics and transportation companies for decades.  And not only have I experienced building a business from the bottom to the top, I have assisted others by sharing my experience to help them build successful businesses for their families. I know and understand the importance of small businesses in a community.

I believe in empowering people to achieve their dreams and trust that I can guide our city and community on that same path to success.  

"Strong, Proud & Safe again! I will serve all the residents in San Bernardino to fight for a better quality of life."

Community Involvement

I firmly believe one of San Bernardino’s detriments to our quality of life is the overall LACK of CLEANLINESS in our city and LACK of OPPORTUNITIES. It’s visible to all, not just us residents. So I decided to step into action and do something about it. I formed the organization We Are The Change SB and unified our community and we began doing major clean ups throughout the city. Cleaning up tons of trash from alleyways, fields, roadsides, and parks. In July of 2019, I also created a platform for all micro businesses in San Bernardino and surrounding cities to showcase and grow their business with the launch of a downtown food festival, SB FoodFest. This ongoing festival is also a great attempt to help revitalize our city’s long forgotten downtown. 

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A Cleaner San Bernardino.