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The third ward is an important ward for our city, offering a great amount of the city’s sales tax revenue. It is a diverse mix of residential, commercial, and industrial. It is a MUST that our ward, and all of our city is thoughtfully planned with the residents in mind! Please stand with me as I fight for a better quality of life. As I fight for a better San Bernardino! 


The Issues and solutions

San Bernardino is ranked by the FBI as the 3rd most dangerous city in America and 1st in the State of California. That is unacceptable. Our residents and businesses must feel safe in their own community. We have to do more for our residents and businesses with what we have! We have no more financial capacity for excessive raises. We must work to think outside the box, focus on proven solutions, and work to increase staff levels in our police department.

San Bernardino has many empty lots and alleys where illegal dumping is taking place. As the founder of We Are the Change SB, a grassroots volunteer-based coalition that cleans up the trash in this city, I have seen the illegal dumping first hand. However, instead of talking about it we actually did something about it. We now need to hold our vacant lot owners more accountable and penalize those who are illegally dumping trash in our city. That is how we will restore vitality to this city.

The best way to expose misdealing in any bureaucracy is by increasing the amount of transparency within that institution. When elected, I will advocate for a complete audit from top to bottom so that the public may see the whereabouts of how their city officials are spending the resident’s tax dollars.

San Bernardino is home to over 200,000 people. Thousands of generations of families have been raised here. However, our city has been run down by the election of people who don’t take their community’s suggestions or concerns into consideration. As the founder of two organizations that are dedicated to making San Bernardino a better place and bringing people together, I know and understand the importance of listening to our residents and implementing their suggestions. It takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to raise a city.

As a business owner, I will work directly in bridging the gap between business owners and our community to restore economic prosperity to our city. Businesses are leaving our city because they do not have confidence in our city. We must support local businesses because they support us. We need a new beginning. We must pave a new and better path for those who would like to obtain a permit to start a business. We must attract businesses and execute projects within the city that directly impact our local economy.

The key responsibilities of any elected official is to represent and serve their constituents needs, address their concerns and implement policy that betters their residents quality of life. However we cannot act in the best interest of our residents by telling them one thing and conducting backdoor dealings and doing something else. It is time to hold our leaders accountable. Our public must speak up when they are being lied to and promises are not kept. Constituents must voice when our council does not vote for our interests, but for themselves and their contributors which is something I have been doing for years. As an elected official, I will work directly with you the people, so that you know what is occurring in our city and so that we can take back our city from self interests.

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"Strong, Proud & Safe again! I will serve all the residents in San Bernardino to fight for a better quality of life."

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